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The Company

Weyergans High Care AG is a medium-sized company from the western Rhineland, Germany. Our core competence lies in the area of research, development and production of innovative cosmetic and medical applications. Renowned research partners and a large international network have been supporting us in the development of unique products and devices for more than 35 years. Since then, our main claim has been high technical and ergonomic quality, sustainability and evidence.

At the Gut Boisdorf site, a historic monument near Dueren/Cologne, the company employs around 40 people, has numerous patents and is represented internationally in around 40 countries. The founder is the medical sociologist Rudolf Weyergans, the board of directors includes Jan Weyergans. Chairman of the supervisory board is Prof. Dr. Eberhard Janssen.

The High Care® Philosophy

Weyergans High Care Cosmetics

We at Weyergans firmly believe that a healthy body is a beautiful body and the basis for a happy and satisfied life. That is why we want to break new ground in a world of empty promises of effectiveness. We offer holistic solutions and treatment concepts which really work, making people around the world healthy, satisfied and confident.

In order to achieve this, we do not think in terms of fixed ideals of beauty or medical dogmas, but go our own way - the High Care® way - self-confident, innovative and scientifically sound. Life-changing, visionary and innovative. We are constantly setting new benchmarks in the industry by revolutionizing the status quo and questioning common dogmas of competition.

Our solutions combine unique medical treatment methods and cosmetic-aesthetic demands. So we always offer concrete solutions for specific problems. This means that the High Care® products are not only reliable and effective, but always meet the highest quality standards - regardless of whether they are medical or cosmetic. No matter whether it involves preventive measures, maintaining the status quo or improving an existing problem, Weyergans is always at your side as a competent and reliable partner.

Before the new trend comes, Weyergans is already there.

Weyergans facts


With more than 30 patents, Weyergans High Care AG from Dueren is one of the most innovative companies in the cosmetics and medical technology sector worldwide. What is special: The company only develops and produces products that really work and have been shown to lead to unique changes in skin appearance.

Certified Quality

Reliable quality that withstands every test - that is what the High Care® devices and preparations stand for. We are proud of our important awards and certifications, because we know that they give you as a partner the security you need to be able to rely 100% on us. Weyergans is certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 13485.

Made in Germany

Where Weyergans is on it, there is innovation made in Germany. The High Care® cosmetic and medical devices stand for intelligent treatment solutions, which are often even finished on site in Dueren. We take new, unconventional ways to meet our customers' needs. This is how unique solutions are created.

Competence & Trust

Our experience shows: Once Weyergans, always Weyergans! Because we are at your side with advice and action and unique specialist knowledge to provide you with optimal support in every business situation. For a beautiful and healthy body - for a lifetime full of successful partnerships!

Where are the best ideas born?

At the student get-together!
At least that was the case with Rudolf Weyergans, who laid the foundation stone for his company today while studying sociology at RWTH Aachen University in the 80s. At that time he developed a mechanical lymphatic drainage device, now known internationally as 'Slide Styler®'. Shortly thereafter, he researched with his wife, the biologist Dr. Käthe Kreft-Weyergans, a home care preparation for self-drainage, the 'Styler Cream': Only the first product in a long series. In 1991 the medical technology company became 'High Care Cosmetics GmbH'. In the mid-90s, the company's headquarters were moved from Aachen to Gut Boisdorf in Dueren.

In the next few years, the old estate developed into a creative forge.
Both, the worldwide unique care series 'Timeless' based on mistletoe, as well as the revolutionary vacuum wave treatment with the 'Vacustyler®' were born at Gut Boisdorf. In 1999, Weyergans united medical technology and High Care® Cosmetics at the now known 'Weyergans High Care AG'.

And that is exactly what makes the Weyergans High Care AG unique: More than 35 years of expertise, specialist knowledge, the drive for innovation and the inevitable 'being one step ahead'. So it will be interesting to see what Rudolf Weyergans will develop in the next few years. Because one thing is already clear: Even if the discussions have moved from the regulars' table to the wine cellar of his manor, they are still being conducted with the same level of commitment as when Weyergans High Care AG started.

Rudolf Weyergans

"When it comes to cellulite, anti-aging, or disease prevention, I don't believe in Black Magic. I believe that we can explain each phenomenon in its individual components, causes and effects. Then we can give differentiated answers. This holism is what we have been doing for over 35 years. This is what the 'High Care®' brand stands for - namely effectiveness, evidence and sustainability."

Rudolf Weyergans, Company Founder