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Plasma Power for the skin
Are you interested in visible and noticeable treatment results for skin health and an extraordinary glow? The new Iono-Jet technology pampers you with a relaxing micro-massage and brings at the same time oxygen ions and active substances to where beauty is created: right under the skin. The Iono-Jet application intelligently combines energetically charged oxygen and concentrated active substances. A uniquely effective and valuable load that is massaged into the skin with the help of a precise jet of compressed air.

The Iono-Jet offers numerous application options that feel more intense than ever before. Whether for a spontaneous refreshment of the complexion for special occasions or as a long-term strategy for a fundamentally improved skin feeling and anti-aging. Choose between a wide range of active ingredient combinations and smart treatment programs - from Basic to Intense - for mild to severe skin problems. And for every need of care.
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If you have any questions about the plasma treatment, please do not hesitate to contact us on 0049 - 2421- 96780 or export@weyergans.de!
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